Advancing Sonoma County Tourism, and Winning Awards doing it!

Here we are, mercifully at the tail end of “Award Season”, with just the Oscars to get through this coming weekend. I figured this would be as good a time as any to reflect on some of the videos we’ve made here at Daigle Digital that have won awards. Most recently, a video we made with frequent collaborator Daedalus Howell, for the Sonoma County Tourism Bureau, won a Gold Adrian Award from Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) for Achievements in Marketing and Public Relations. For the record, I have no idea what a Gold Adrian is, or what it looks like. Frankly, I didn’t even know we were in the running. The Tourism Bureau sent us an email informing us of the win, and I assume they are keeping the trophy/plaque/certificate carefully enshrined in their office for display purposes.

Here is the Award Winning Video"

“Communicating what Sonoma County Tourism does and how the tourism economy works is a daunting task,” says Tim Zahner, CTA and Director of Public Relations and Marketing at The Sonoma County Tourism Bureau. “By using a short, entertaining and informative video we were able to show how tourism dollars move through the economy. Using the actual tourism businesses in the video was much more effective than a press release or a message on our web site – we were able to not just tell, but also to show, the story.”

Our relationship with The Sonoma County Tourism Bureau goes back a few years. We made a web-based series titled “Inside Sonoma” with Daedalus Howell, who wrote and hosted the segments.

Our second entry in the series highlighted a partnership with Horizon Air, and it snapped up an award for Outstanding Achievement in Destination Enticement. Or so we are told - a lot of trust goes into working with a Tourism Bureau.

This was also one of the first experiences using a green screen, and it shows. Also - keep an eye out for our “homage” to Martin Scorsese’s “Casino.” We also got to go right out onto the runway of The Charles M. Schulz Airport in Santa Rosa, CA to shoot the airplanes.

Say Tim Zahner, “ Potential travelers do a lot of research before they commit, and online video allows us to show of Sonoma County before the come here. It’s been a valuable tool.”